Bunkers & Silos


Storing materials in bunkers or silos can be difficult, especially if they are susceptible to spontaneous combustion. During outage periods, material must be removed from silos to prevent fire outbreaks. In addition, as material is being unloaded, fugitive dust kicked up from bottom dumping can lead to environmental and worker safety hazards. MinTech offers a line of sealants, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, and foam agents that mitigate dust, eliminate fires, and create a safer working environment.


mincryl (catalog)

Mincryl X50

High-solids, latex polymer dust suppressant. Formulated with a proprietary acrylic and vinyl polymer blend.  Provides optimum penetration and bonding to control dust, prevent erosion, and enhance appearance on light-traffic and non-traffic areas.  Forms a moisture-permeable membrane to reduce vapor loss and moisture gain in coal, which reduces the chances of spontaneous combustion.  Use on slopes, coal piles, fly ash ponds, aggregate piles, and equipment yards.

Typical Applications: Soil Stabilization, Landfills, Coal Stockpiles, Wineries, Steel Mills, Agriculture, Pond Slopes, Power Plants, Construction, Hydroseeding, Port Facilities, Ore Stockpiles, Mine Operations, Airports, Quarry Operations, Truck Terminals, Unimproved Roads, Logging Operations, Intermodal Rail Yards

  • Clear, film-forming crust
  • Dilutes up to 1:15 with water
  • Safe for use in and around sensitive habitats
  • Superior cohesion and elasticity provides long-lasting performance



tm11517coaltrolf430 (catalog)

CoalTrol F430

High-expansion foam provides maximum coverage with minimal moisture addition, signicantly reducing water consumption. Fortfied with Flame Freeze Anti-Oxidant Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor. Produces a dust-encapsulating foam that is ideal for a variety of applications including foam cleaning, coal transfer houses, coal crushing, coal storage, and other areas where coal dust is created. The low-moisture foam properties reduce BTU loss and reduce the risk of shorting out electrical components during on-line facility cleaning applications. Unique cationic surfactant chemistry attracts negatively charged coal dust particles, improving cleaning and dust reduction compared to conventional nonionic and anionic chemistries.

• Non-corrosive, neutral pH, and environmentally-friendly.
• Super wetting chemistry binds dust nes together, reducing fugitive dust emissions.
• Dilutes up to 1:400 with hard and soft water and can be used in most air-driven foam machines.
• Long-lasting foam reduces the number of application points required to control process dust problems.
• Perfect for removing dusts from walls and equipment as well as from oors, ducts, pipes, hoods, ledges, beams, and other horizontal surfaces.
• Anti-static properties dissipate electrostatic energy on treated surfaces and anti-oxidant properties scavenge free radicals to help prevent the conditions that lead to explosions in coal dust areas.




coaltrolf65 (catalog)

CoalTrol F65

A residual surfactant-based product used to control dust in unloading, transfer, and storage of coal, y ash, and other friable minerals. Contains Momar’s exclusive Flame Freeze anti-oxidant spontaneous combustion elimination technology.

• Exhibits binding properties that provide extended dust suppression both downstream of the application point and during storage.
• Typically provides 60 days residual dust suppression and 60 days residual spontaneous combustion reduction.
• Forms a tacky, hydroscopic film upon curing.
• Reduces the number of application points required to control your dust problems (reduces the number of chemical application points when transferring coal to silos or bunker areas).
• Freeze thaw stable and heat stable up to 120° F.
• The added binding agent allows for extended dust control in plant, rail, and barge application areas.
• Reduces moisture exchange and scavenges free radicals to inhibit exothermic reactions that lead to hot spots and fires in coal storage.




coaltrolcomplete (catalog) 2

CoalTrol Complete


Solve material handling and storage challenges of lower rank coals by eraiducation spontaneous combustion, preventing coal from freezing, and controlling dust with an all-in-one solutions. Full-body treatment fortified with residual binders, humecatants, freeze protectants, and spontaneous combustion inhibitors, answers the industry’s need for complete coal management.

• Humectant qualities aid in dust control by enhancing moisture retention
• Binders provide long residual dust control making coal handling and storage safer and easier
• Improves air quality and increases worker safety and visibility
• Excellent clingability to vertical surfaces and high lubricity
in cold temperatures enhance performance and resist washout
• Provides freeze protection down to -48°F (-44°C)
• Retards coal oxidation and controls evaporation rates, preventing spontaneous combustion




flowtrol195 catalog

Flowtrol 195

When the moisture content of coal is 12% – 18%, the coal becomes very sticky and can clog chutes and hoppers. Flowtrol 195 is a concentrated wet coal ow promoter that reduces or eliminates chute and downcomer pluggage, rat-holing, sidewall deposits, and bridging or arching in areas of high compaction pressures or narrow chute diameters.


• Disrupts the capillary bridging (hydrogen bonding) which occurs as
surface moisture increases on coal. Treated coal is free-owing, reducing
or eliminating many material handling problems such as plugging, clumping, and bridging.
• Treatment gives more active storage volume while minimizing labor costs to free plugged storage areas and feeders.
• Coal mines facilitate loading operations and can minimize customer
complaints of wet coal handling problems.
• Coal-ring power plants avoid derations and the need to purchase costly make-up power.
• Steel mills can assure more uniform material throughputs and more consistent product bulk densities.
• Contains no sulfur and will not effect BTU values or ash production rates.