Environmental Matters

With increasing pressure from environmental and government agencies, regulatory measures have challenged industries to adopt plans to control fugitive dust, water consumption, coal combustion residues (CCRs) disposal, ash material handling, and heavy-metal emissions. MinTech offers simple solutions to control PM10 and PM2.5 respirable fugitive dust emissions from roads, processes, ash ponds, and other open surfaces, manage record-keeping and recording requirements, and meet heavy-metal emissions requirements with safe technologies and customizable systems.


  • Realize assurance of regulatory compliance using environmentally safe technologies
  • Turn-key, customizable systems to reduce airborne particles and dust from material handling
  • Control erosion and establish vegetation quickly on inactive storage areas, slopes, yards, and ditches
  • Regulate both heavy-metal air emissions and wastewater discharge
  • Manage transport of moisture-laden fly ash to and from storage sites
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Meet the toughest environmental and governmental regulations with simple, cost-effective solutions to resolve fugitive dust emissions, heavy-metal contamination, erosion, and fly-ash problems.



Erosion Control

When faced with controlling erosion on fly ash and tailings ponds, storage piles, and waste disposal sites, MinTech delivers turn-key, manufactured solutions to seal in dust, seal out moisture, and prevent erosion from wind and rain. With low cost solutions to erosion control, MinTech’s offers product that chemical bond to the treated surface to create a resilient barrier to weathering and oxidation. This limits the release of contaminants to environment, prevents dust emissions, and helps ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

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BEFORE 2Fly Ash Management

Utilities face stricter regulations regarding fly ash storage and disposal handling, including requirements for increased erosion control, stabilization, and dust control solutions. With a broad range of products, techniques, and expertise, and our technical complement of engineers, chemists, and application experts, MinTech provides turn-key, cost-effective fly ash storage and handling solutions.

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Dust Control

With our solutions-based strategy to approaching each problem, MinTech is able to deliver quality product and precision applications with full-service, turn-key material handling solutions to fit the needs of each unique project. Dust control chemicals only perform as well as they are applied and applications are only as reliable as the service and maintenance they receive. Our approach to provide high-quality manufactured products, engineered high-performance equipment, and routine service & maintenance has been key to keeping costs down and ensuring their ultimate success on all dust control challenges.

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Dust Monitoring

MinTech’s state of the art dust monitors simultaneously measure both mass fraction and size fraction to deliver accurate, real-time results for a variety of applications.

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Heavy-Metal Emission Control

At MinTech, we realize meeting mercury emission regulations as well as other heavy-metal emission regulations to avoid fines is the primary goal for electricity-generating coal-fired power plants.  We can help you achieve a 90% mercury emission reduction while at the same time minimizing environmental impact and preserving fly-ash qualities.

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