MinTech is a global team of engineers, chemists, and application specialists dedicated to providing the best quality products, high-performance equipment, and 100% turn-key solutions for your material handling needs.   We are raising the bar on what you should expect from your material handling partner.  You manage competing priorities every day, so you need one partner you can trust to assist with meeting your goals, not just in one aspect or at one point in time, but from start to finish on a continuous basis.  From safety and compliance issues to maintenance or budgetary concerns, MinTech will strive to develop reliable, lasting solutions and services to help you meet your goals.

Our unique three-pronged approach is unmatched in the industry.

  1. Quality Products
  2. High-Performance Equipment
  3. Installation, Operation, & Service

Chemicals only perform as well as they are applied, and equipment is only as reliable as the service it receives, making all three elements necessary to achieve optimal results.  With MinTech, you get the entire package from one partner who will always go the extra mile to meet your goals.

Challenge the level of service you are receiving.  Challenge the level of results you are seeing.  Challenge the status quo.





Harry Heydorn

General Manager

Hbio-harryarry has been with MinTech since 2000.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Akron and worked for ten years as an engineer in the power industry prior to joining MinTech.  Harry leads the sales and service teams in working with industrial facilities across multiple industries to resolve material handling issues, helping improve safety and ensure compliance.

Chris Raymond

Technical Director

bio-chrisChris joined MinTech in 2012 and leads our product research, design, and customization efforts.  He spends much of his time out in the field with our MinTech engineers and customers at their facilities, learning about their material handling issues and helping tailor solutions to each customer’s specific needs.  He holds a Master of Science in Chemistry from Kennesaw State University and is our resident coal expert.


MinTech’s mission is to raise the bar in the material handling solutions industry.


Our Services

MinTech’s services include process and surface dust control, emissions control, erosion control, fire prevention, seasonal applications, and industrial cleaning, as well as the equipment, service and maintenance all these systems require for success.

Road stabilization and dust suppression for heavy traffic haul roads 2

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of chemical solutions to resolve all bulk material handling issues, including dust suppressants, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, pile sealants, erosion protection, industrial cleaning solutions, and much more.


Our Team

We are a global team of mineral handling chemists, engineers, and application experts servicing a wide variety of industries around the world, from electric utilities in the Ohio River Valley to limestone quarries in the United Kingdom.