surface dust control

At MinTech, we strive to preserve the quality of the surface being treated and prolong the lifetime of roads, piles, slopes, berms, yards, pads, and ponds. Developed as budget-sensitive solutions for governments, municipalities, industry, and energy companies, MinTech’s surface dust control products bind dust tightly to the surface while augmenting its ability to withstand heavy loads, erosion, and weathering.. This preserves the customer’s bottom line by lessening the need for costly repairs to equipment, enhancing the quality of the surface, and replacing water-only programs.


  • Reduce fugitive dust emissions
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability
  • Prevent erosion, wash-boarding, rutting, and skidding
  • Create safer driving surfaces and improve compression strength and load bearing capacity
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From mining roads, to equipment yards, to stockpiles, to ash ponds, fugitive or wind-blown dust causes safety risks, excessive equipment maintenance, and environmental challenges. Stop dust with a complete line of surface dust control solutions.




Damage and erosion of the road surface by excessive watering and heavy traffic can result in unstable driving surfaces and dangerous driving conditions.  Worn out roads produce high levels of fugitive dust emissions that result in human and animal health issues, damage to crops, excessive tire wear, and reduced equipment life.  MinTech offers proven dust control programs to stabilize unpaved road surfaces and reduce road dust by 95%, even on heavily travelled haul roads.

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MinTech’s long-lasting, residual dust control solutions and turn-key applications solve health, safety, air quality, and maintenance repair problems. Preventing dust on convoy routes, tank trails, and military bases improves troops’ visibility, living conditions, and equipment and vehicle performance. Avoid costly repairs due to dust infiltrating engine compartments, air filter systems, mechanical and electrical components.

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Unimproved gravel runways are prone to losing their soil and aggregate fines, causing dust, pot-holing, wash-boarding, and runoff. MinTech’s turn-key applications and environmentally responsible chemistries help control dust, retain soil, and stabilize runway surfaces, creating durable, long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for improved runway surfaces.

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Coal pile sealants to control dust, erosion, and btu loss


Stockpile management brings multiple concerns, including toxic runoff and airborne particles which can pose threats to water supply, aquatic life, vegetation, visibility, and health. Unsealed piles will emit coal dust, producing an environmental and health concern, and the end result will be an actual loss of coal.  Sealing stockpiles to prevent fugitive dust and particle runoff is the single most effective way to eliminate these problems and ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.  Additionally, in unsealed coal piles, BTU values are likely to decline, and the piles themselves burn less efficiently and bear the ravages of freezing and oxidation. Sealing piles against moisture and oxygen is the only practical way of preventing the deterioration and erosion of stored materials.

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Hillside erosion due to excessive rain or snowmelt requires slope stabilization. Without adequate slope protection, water-borne soil sediment, debris, chemicals, and other pollutants will set off on an unstoppable journey downward. The resultant runoff can potentially taint water quality, threatening the health of both wildlife and nearby residents. Traditional mechanical methods of slope stabilization and erosion control, such as silt fences, retention ponds, blankets, mats, mesh, and cellular confinement systems, have proven only partially effective in combating erosion. MinTech can provide better alternatives with environmentally-safe non-vegetative and re-vegetative options.

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Effective dust control for yards and industrial roads provides the solution to unnecessary and costly maintenance, reduced onsite productivity, and complaints from commercial and residential neighbors. Controlling yard dust helps companies meet environmental standards, keep traffic areas safe, and prevent filters from clogging and damaging equipment.

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Ash Ponds

As seasons change, so does the weather and its effect on ash ponds. In the wintertime, ash ponds can freeze dry, resulting in fugitive dust particles PM10 and PM2.5 of coal ash lifting from the surface. In the summertime, evaporation and drainage of ash ponds can create dust problems as the ash begins to dry. Sealing and stabilizing ash ponds is the only way to prevent ash from becoming airborne and creating dust, threatening the safety and health of people working and living near dust-prone areas. Utility providers can meet new CCR rule requirements requirements with MinTech too. No one wants another devastating fly ash spill, which is why utility service providers can look to MinTech’s expertise to develop and implement a turn-key fugitive dust control and ash pond sealing plan.  MinTech off­ers customizable, environmentally safe, and aff­ordable solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of any plant to comply with the new CCR rule and prevent any PM10 and PM2.5 emission.

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