Fire Prevention & Control

Combustible dusts and spontaneous combustion are the most common causes of fires at industrial facilities. MinTech has the answer to many of today’s fire-fighting challenges, from industrial foam cleaning services and wash down systems that remove combustible dusts, to preventative treatments that make combustible dusts inert and difficult to ignite, to spontaneous combustion inhibitors and firefighting foam concentrates.


  • Prevent potential catastrophic loss of life, assets, and infrastructure
  • Extinguish fires rapidly with Flame Freeze Fire-Fighting Foam Concentrates
  • Inhibit oxidation preventing spontaneous combustion
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Flame Freeze 184e

Whether it is combustible dust, spontaneous combustion, or the industrial fire, MinTech offers a complete line of products to proactively and reactively respond to fires.


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Combustible Dust Control & Removal

Combustible dust is an ever-present danger in the workplace. The force from a combustible dust explosion can destroy entire buildings and cause injury and even death. Many employers and employees are often unaware that a hazard exists until disaster strikes. Preventative measures can save lives and cut down on the exorbitant costs associated with damages from combustible dust explosions. Using our Freedom Foamers or Wash Down Systems will improve the health and safety of everyone in your facility at an affordable cost.

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19078703_xlSpontaneous Combustion Inhibitors

Self-oxidation of coal and other materials susceptible to spontaneous combustion can result in a fire at any time during mining, transporting, or processing, causing safety, environmental, and economic concerns. Like all oxidation reactions, heat begins to accumulate, the temperature continues to rise and, if left unaltered, will cause thermal runaway, resulting in a spontaneous fire. This process most commonly occurs when material is being store in piles or silos. Physical methods of compaction and pile management can reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion, but will not effectively eliminate it. At our research facility in Atlanta, GA, MinTech has spent many years studying this process and how to best retard spontaneous combustion. With special adiabatic systems, thermogravimetric analyses, and differential scanning calorimeters, MinTech can determine the susceptibility of a substrate to spontaneous combustion. We then evaluate various chemical solutions and their ability to slow the oxidative process to provide our customers with optimal, custom solutions for their specific needs. Through the use of anti-oxidants, foam dust suppressants, binders, humectants, and pile sealants, MinTech has the ability to combat spontaneous combustion through each stage of the material handling process.

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Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates

Developed for use in a variety of industries susceptible to fires, MinTech’s Flame Freeze concentrates are used as fire-extinguishment mediums for flammable and combustible liquids and Class A materials such as coal, wood, paper, and combustible dusts. Flame Freeze, when added to water, creates a foam blanket that smothers the fire, locking out oxygen, scavenging for free-radicals, and cooling the fuel temperature rapidly to prevent re-ignition. The concentrate allows fire fighters to use far less water than would normally be needed to extinguish the same fire, allowing for quicker knockdown, , increasing visibility and lowering smoke production to keep firefighters, employees, businesses, and nearby residents safe as well as potentially preventing additional property loss.

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