Dust Control Coatings

Prevent and reduce dust during storage, transport, and use of all solid fertilizers

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Anti-caking Coatings

Control caking during storage and transport to eliminate pile set and clumping

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Enhance product appearance and stabilize fertilizer blends to increase concentration and foster uniform distribution of nutrients

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Why MinTech?

MinTech understands the challenge to deliver
high-performance fertilizers to the marketplace.

Which means we’re here to help you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to your most asked questions.

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Our fertilizer line of coatings and binders will increase yield, improve production, and reduce dust emission.

  • Control dust to ease fertilizer handling and improve worker safety
  • Reduce fertilizer caking and clumping
  • Improve fertilizer quality and stability

Our team of chemists, engineers, and application experts can provide a comprehensive package of products, equipment, installation, and service.

  • Free onsite assessment and recommendations tailored to each unique project and objective
  • Easier handling, storage, and transport
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of application systems

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