• Fire Prevention & Control
    Whether it is combustible dust, spontaneous combustion, or the industrial fire, MinTech offers a complete line of products to proactively and reactively respond to fires.
  • Surface Dust Control
    From mining roads, to equipment yards, to stockpiles, to ash ponds, fugitive or wind-blown dust causes safety risks, excessive equipment maintenance, and environmental challenges. Stop dust...
  • Process Dust Control
    Material handling as cleanly as possible has become increasingly important. Fugitive dust generated from moving material can be difficult to deal with leading to increased environmental...
  • Environmental Matters
    Meet the toughest environmental and governmental regulations with simple, cost-effective solutions to resolve fugitive dust emissions, heavy-metal contamination, erosion, and fly-ash problems.
  • Seasonal Operations
    Wet material flow promoters, freeze-conditioning agents, side-release agents, and anti-icing and deicing solutions keep material moving even in the worst weather conditions.
  • In-Transit Applications
    Handle and transport material safely and easily with some of the lowest concentrations of acceptable topper agents, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, and dust control solutions. Don't let...
  • Equipment, Service & Maintenance
    Our 100% full-service, in-house, start-to-finish engineered equipment and systems installations provide immediate, optimum performance while our routine maintenance schedules ensure continuous, reliable results.
  • Industrial Cleaning
    Combustible dust control and remediation is easy with encapsulating foam agents, wash down systems, and other remediation programs can help prevent shutdowns with live, on-line facility...