Process Dust Control

At MinTech, we know all dust control problems are not the same. Every facility faces safety, environmental compliance, and maintenance challenges unique to their outfit. That’s why our approach to industrial dust control solutions is custom tailored to the requirements of each project. Handle, transport, and store your natural resources with our line of foams, binders, agents, polymers, and antioxidants to mitigate dust at your job site.


  • Help ensure governmental compliance
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Reduce risk of fire and explosions
  • Significantly lower housekeeping costs
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability

Material handling as cleanly as possible has become increasingly important. Fugitive dust generated from moving material can be difficult to deal with leading to increased environmental concerns, safety risks, and maintenance costs.


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Bunkers & Silos

Storing materials in bunkers or silos can be difficult, especially if they are susceptible to spontaneous combustion. During outage periods, material must be removed from silos to prevent fire outbreaks. In addition, as material is being unloaded, fugitive dust kicked up from bottom dumping can lead to environmental and worker safety hazards. MinTech offers a line of sealants, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, and foam agents that mitigate dust, eliminate fires, and create a safer working environment.

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Stackout and Reclaim

Fugitive dust is usually generated during unloading, stackout, reclaim and crushing operations. These dust emissions can be a safety hazard and environmental nuisance, and can increase maintenance of material handling equipment. MinTech’s highly-concentrated blends, formulated to enhance the dust suppression capabilities of water, promote agglomeration, which prevents particles from becoming airborne.

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Conveyors and Chutes

Full body feed systems are engineered and designed specifically for each application area, including mining, terminals and utilities.  The key to full body feed systems is not only homogeneous blending of chemical, water and air (if spraying a foam), but distributing the solution such that all sides of the material particles are treated.  Smaller fines will stick to larger pieces, and sealed with a coating to greatly reduce dusting, oxygen transfer, and spontaneous combustion. Application rates will vary depending on the type of material, distance for offloading, and end user facility handling.  These systems are designed using programmable logic controls (PLCs), so operations are simple.

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Crushing and Shredding

Crushing and shredding of material is the largest creator of fugitive dust emissions in any industry. Whether crushing coal, recycling automobiles, or shredding rubber, new fines are created and kicked-up, generating pounds of respirable and combustible dust. MinTech’s dust suppression programs adhere to and encapsulate dust both before and after crushing and shredding processes, maximizing effectiveness. With properly-engineered chemical applications, customers can expect effective dust control, reducing the risk of fire and explosions and keeping your employees safe.

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In-Transit Rail, Barge, and Truck

Moving material by rail,  barge, bucket lines, and conveyors can generate dust, causing safety and environmental hazards and poor working conditions. With more and more regulatory agencies cracking down on fugitive dust emissions, effective measures to control dust are needed at multiple stages of the material handling process. The issue is compounded during winter as material is prone to freezing and adhering to containers, therefore decreasing the amount of deliverable product. MinTech offers a wide array of foams, binders, wetting agents, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, freeze conditioning and side-release agents, as well as vapor-permeable, flexible cartopper agents to solve all material handling challenges.

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Drilling, Grinding, & Tunnel-Boring

Capture airborne dust particles at the surface of all drilling, grinding, and  boring operations and along the muck belt with MinTech’s low-moisture, high-expansion foam systems. These systems can reduce water usage and fugitive dust by 95% creating safer work environments while increasing productivity. MinTech offers customizable solutions to meet the needs of all operations to improve visibility, illumination, and air quality, prevent muck from adhering to belts and machinery, and solve all dust, material flow, machinery, and mud problems effectively in soft or hard rock boring and drilling.

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