In this day and age of tight regulations and tight budgets, industrial facilities need to know that every investment they make is in the best technology available and is the most cost-effective. When it comes to dust control, it can be hard to make an apples to apples comparison of conventional dust collectors to newer chemical technologies, such as dust suppression systems.  Our MinTech technical experts are here to show you how the two stack up.

You’ll Learn

  1. Current dust regulations
  2. Challenges of dust control
  3. Safety profile of dust collection vs dust suppression
  4. Efficacy studies of dust collection vs dust suppression
  5. Total cost of ownership of dust collection vs dust suppression

Presented by

mintech-profile-westWest Gary
Chief Technical Officer, MinTech

West has been with MinTech since 2000 and has vast experience in the material handling industry, working with dozens of industrial facilities to resolve their compliance, safety and budgetary issues when it comes to dust control.  He has worked with coal-fired power, mining, quarries, fertilizer manufacturing, and other dry-bulk processing industries.  As the leader of our technical department, West oversees R&D to ensure our innovation pipeline is full of new, meaningful solutions for our customers.


Chris Raymond
Technical Director, MinTech

Chris joined MinTech in 2012 and leads our product research, design, and customization efforts with customers across a multitude of industries.  He spends much of his time with MinTech engineers and MinTech customers on site at their facilities, helping tailor solutions to their specific needs.  He is our resident coal expert and holds a Master of Science in Chemistry from Kennesaw State University.