Dust Control

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With our solutions-based strategy to approaching each problem, MinTech is able to deliver quality product and precision applications with full-service, turn-key material handling solutions to fit the needs of each unique project. Dust control chemicals only perform as well as they are applied and applications are only as reliable as the service and maintenance they receive. Our approach to provide high-quality manufactured products, engineered high-performance equipment, and routine service & maintenance has been key to keeping costs down and ensuring their ultimate success on all dust control challenges.


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At MinTech, we know all dust control problems are not the same. Every facility faces safety, environmental compliance, and maintenance challenges unique to their outfit. That’s why our approach to industrial dust control solutions is custom tailored to the requirements of each project. Handle, transport, and store your natural resources with our line of foams, binders, agents, polymers, and antioxidants to mitigate dust at your job site.


  • Help ensure governmental compliance
  • Create a safer workplace
  • Reduce risk of fire and explosions
  • Significantly lower housekeeping costs
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability



At MinTech, we strive to preserve the quality of the surface being treated and prolong the lifetime of roads, piles, slopes, berms, yards, pads, and ponds. Developed as budget-sensitive solutions for governments, municipalities, industry, and energy companies, MinTech’s surface dust control products bind dust tightly to the surface while augmenting its ability to withstand heavy loads, erosion, and weathering.. This preserves the customer’s bottom line by lessening the need for costly repairs to equipment, enhancing the quality of the surface, and replacing water-only programs.


  • Reduce fugitive dust emissions
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment performance and reliability
  • Prevent erosion, wash-boarding, rutting, and skidding
  • Create safer driving surfaces and improve compression strength and load bearing capacity


Moving material by rail, barge, bucket lines, and conveyors can generate dust, causing safety and environmental hazards and poor working conditions. With more and more regulatory agencies cracking down on fugitive dust emissions, effective measures to control dust are needed at multiple stages of the material handling process. The issue is compounded during winter as material is prone to freezing and adhering to containers, therefore decreasing the amount of deliverable product. MinTech offers a wide array of foams, binders, wetting agents, spontaneous combustion inhibitors, freeze conditioning and side-release agents, as well as vapor-permeable, flexible cartopper agents to solve all material handling challenges.