Industrial Cleaning

MinTech delivers effective foam cleaning solutions across all industries from agriculture, to electric power companies, to iron and steel manufacturing, to wood and timber industry, to chemical manufacturing and processing companies. MinTech’s cleaning strategies provides portable and fixed solutions to safely remove combustible and non-combustible dust, dirt, oil, grease, pitch, metal, tar and more. Foam cleaning solutions can prevent shutdowns with live, on-line facility cleaning preserving valuable time and resources.


  • Portable and fixed solutions provide excellent efficiency
  • Safely remove combustible dust and explosion hazards
  • Meet NFPA and OSHA standards
  • Reduce down time with live, on-line, operational facility cleaning
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Combustible dust control and remediation is easy with encapsulating foam agents, wash down systems, and other remediation programs can help prevent shutdowns with live, on-line facility cleaning solutions.


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Low-Moisture Foam Cleaning

MinTech offers a variety of super-foaming, low-moisture, dust encapsulation concentrates and combustible dust cleaners to enable live, on-line facility cleaning of power plants, timber mills, pulp and paper facilities, agricultural and food plants, fertilizer warehouses, rubber factories, metal foundries, and many more. Something as simple as combustible dust removal and routine cleaning of industrial equipment and facilities can prevent catastrophic fires.

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Industrial Cleaning

Stubborn residue and deposits of tar, pitch, oil, grease, combustible dusts, and other soils create the perfect environment for a catastrophic industrial fire. Dust removal and effective cleaning during routine or unscheduled shut-down periods prevent the conditions of continuous build-up of these flammable substrates. MinTech offers a complete line of cleaners, degreasers, wetting agents, and release agents to effectively remove soils and residues from industrial surfaces.

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Automated Wash Down Systems

As an industry best practice and to avoid regulatory compliance issues, engineered wash down systems for material handling areas are necessary to remove dust accumulation. MinTech’s in-house engineers are experienced in spray control and have designed industry leading wash down systems for the most demanding applications. These engineered systems insure OSHA combustible dust NEP compliance, lower housekeeping costs, and lower fire and explosion risks, all while maximizing effectiveness and minimizing water usage.

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