Dust Control Points of Attack: Coal-Fired Power

From the coal mine to the coal yard to the coal fired power plant, the process coal goes through to be transformed from a black piece of rock to the energy that fuels our day-to-day lives is a dusty one.  As the people responsible for the safety of our employees, the efficiency of our plants, and the compliance with so many important regulations, it’s our duty to be on top of the dust and prevent issues before they occur whenever possible.

The infographic below walks through each step of the coal fired power process, the areas where dust issues are likely to occur, and the solutions you can employ to achieve optimum coal dust control.


For more information on how you can improve coal dust control at your facility, contact us.  Dust is more than just dust and MinTech is more than just dust control.  We offer full-service dust control services, helping you take steps to decrease downtime, decrease maintenance costs, ensure compliance, and most importantly increase safety.  Giving you a few (really innumerable) less things to worry about.


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